SunnyDry Masonry Waterproofer Powder

A Portland cement-based, heavy-duty powder that is specially formulated to form a hard impervious surface that waterproofs, seals and protects below-grade exterior walls constructed of concrete (poured or block), brick, stone, or masonry.

Use for parge coat instead of regular cement. Also, excellent for coating drinking water holding tanks or cisterns, birdbaths, fountains, crawl spaces, exterior above-grade or interior basement and garage walls. It also reduces radon gas penetration. Unlike ready-mixed waterproofing paints, that can only be applied to drywalls.

Just add water and stir.

Available in 60gal, 50gal, 35gal, and 20gal.

Coverage: 60 lbs – up to 440 sq ft on smooth, non-porous surfaces and 265-340 sq ft on rough, porous surfaces.

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SunnyDry Masonry Waterproofer Powder 20lb
SunnyDry Masonry Waterproofer Powder 60lb